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Rhimes pressed him, Chris Silbermann, a managing director at ICM Partners, pledged that his talent agency would meet that goal.”We just reached this conclusion in our heads that, damn it, everything is possible,” Ms. Rhimes said. “Why shouldn’t it be?”There is also a group ensuring that minorities and gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people are heard.

Close CommunitiesThe notion that white collar workers might actually like their offices is a relatively new one. From the countinghouses of industrial England to the skyscrapers of 1980s Manhattan, offices were mostly uninspiring places designed to maximize space, often with row upon row of unglamorous desks. Tech companies built playful offices with beanbags and Ping Pong tables, making work spaces less formal.

They then recruited like minded former wrestlers with deep pockets, including Andrew F. Barth, a portfolio manager at Capital Group who wrestled at Columbia; James G. Dinan, the founder and chief executive of York Capital Management, who has sons who wrestle; and David H McCormick, who wrestled at West Point and is the president of the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates.

Costolo answered in part that, “we say in our terms of service very clearly, ‘Users own their own tweets, period.’ So if that’s what people want to do with their tweets, they can go ahead and do that. And we’re not going to say, ‘Users own their own tweets except if they have a relationship with some third party, etc. So, if people want to go do that, then they can do that.