In college, where I’d studied feminist theory 20 years ago, we’d called it “equality” feminism, which is all about individual opportunity. It’s about living and working (and running!) among men and minimizing the ways in which we are different from them. By contrast, “difference” feminism is more about maximizing our identity as women and finding strength and opportunity in it as a group..

La Asociación de Psiquiatría Americana (APA) ofrece en su Guía de Practica Clínica las recomendaciones para el tratamiento farmacológico tanto de los periodos de descompensación aguda como de los aspectos relacionados con la vulnerabilidad de los pacientes diagnosticados de TLP. Tres dimensiones psicopatológicas son los principales objetivos de la farmacoterapia: 1. Disregulación afectiva 2.

La idealización del pasado en un tiempo de futuro incierto y la reacción a la era digital terminarían de explicar el fenómeno. Para contrarrestar el elevado uso de los teléfonos de última generación y las redes sociales la gente necesita recuperar lo tangible, aquello que puede oler y tocar. Ante la incertidumbre actual, cualquier tiempo pasado, mejor o peor, surge como el refugio perfecto..

Mujer: hazte un ba con miel y canela en polvo. Prende una vela blanca. Te aburre la rutina. Dan Sanger/Icon SportswireIf it were as simple as being undefeated, both Wisconsin and Miami would be in the top four right now. The selection committee has a different approach to ranking teams that goes against the grain of the old BCS formula. The committee prioritizes quality of wins and made it clear last week it believes Wisconsin is lacking in that category..

“The Washington Huskies weren’t breaking new ground here.” “Here” is a college football program that sacrifices its players’ long term well being and its community’s dignity for the sake of winning; that looks the other way when stars are accused of violent crimes; that skirts ethics off the field while pursuing perfection on it. Which sounds bad, but in a boring way. What the investigative reporter Ken Armstrong and the higher education correspondent Nick Perry have done, first in an award winning Seattle Times series and now in “Scoreboard, Baby,” is lay out in hard boiled style and with the verve only real storytelling can supply exactly whose lives were mangled in the course of the University of Washington’s historic 2000 season.

Soon enough, everyone from Chris Webber to Dwyane Wade was slipping into something more compressible. (Anthony played with Iverson in Denver.) Kobe Bryant and LeBron James not only followed suit but took it further by stepping into full length leg coverings, which led to a new set of imitators like Vince Carter and now Smith. Spokesman, though the distinction between those and long leg sleeves seems to be imperceptible..