Consider more valuable advertising tools that provide more utility for users and are in places they frequent with their mobile device. Social media is extremely effective for mobile, search, industry listing sites or review sites (RetailMeNot is an easy example for retail, but find what exists for your industry), geo loyalty apps (Loyalty Blocks), email and of course SMS. Combine these tools, and you’ll get a killer mobile strategy..

However, if you have movies in other formats, you’ll need to either convert them before they’ll play on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or install a browser app such as the OPlayer HD ($5, or the free ad supported OPlayer HD Lite) that can do the converting for you on the fly. We tried the OPlayer HD, and it played other file types such as AVI with ease. In fact, any file type your device is capable of playing can be streamed from the GoFlex Satellite even iTunes movies..

The defending national champion Villanova Wildcats, Kansas and an injury depleted Duke team round out the top 5 with Creighton earning the biggest riser award after wins over Wisconsin and NC State. I owe Bluejays fans and Greg McDermott an apology after calling them “overrated” in the preseason. The addition of Marcus Foster has been huge, as has the play of talented big man Justin Patton..

“In person, Serena Williams’s shoulders are broader than expected, her waist and hips narrower. She may be dressed in a gold tank, gold ballet slippers and pedal pusher jeans, but it’s her face that’s mesmerizing, with its photogenic, dramatic planes and features large enough for fake lashes to look appropriately proportioned. Her manner, gracious and upfront, lies halfway between the hyper feminine breathiness she offers up for TV talk shows and the tough, stony faced impassiveness she displays on the court..

Before it is over, though, deGrom checks to see how he looks with a hat on. Not because he is worried about being noticed and mobbed off the field; he simply wants to keep his hair out of his face. At times, it drives him crazy. The resort then ran a winter campaign with Canadian social media travel superstars Alex Luke. While at The BALSAMS, the couple used their own website, along with the resort’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and other social media platforms to continually update followers on their adventures at the resort. As a result, the hotel’s opening week of Winter 2010/2011 nearly sold out and was the busiest holiday weekend in years.