On March 5, cut the price of the chain’s Pepperoni Passion Pizza by one pence every time someone tweeted the hashtag letsdolunch. That day. A similar campaign also took place in Ireland that day with the pizzalunch hashtag, which lowered the price to 13.24 from the original 20.nn2.

Another solid selling point for the UA Band is its automatic tracking. You don’t have to press any buttons to let the device know when you’re going to bed (many other wearables require you to do so) and it logs your resting heart rate when you wake up (and throughout the day), which is a true indicator of your overall health. The app also calls out the quality of sleep by listing light sleep, deep sleep and awake time..

Today’s lightweight frames made of space age materials like graphite, boron, titanium and ceramics, with larger heads mid size (90 95 square inches) and over size (110 square inches) have totally transformed the character of the game. Nowadays it is the powerful hitters who dominate with heavy topspin. Serve and volley players and those who rely on subtlety and touch have virtually disappeared..

Mr. Ocean writes impressionistically, and sings with a casual sternness, as if sauntering into the studio, smearing out an idea running through his head, then retreating. That’s reflected in the range of vocal approaches he takes on “Blonde”: heavy sigh exhalation, digitally manipulated childlike singing, forceful spoken word, sleepy eyed rapping, obscured conversation.

Así, se escribe CIA (y no CA), sigla del inglés Central Intelligence Agency. Hay que advertir, no obstante, que los acrónimos lexicalizados, esto es, las siglas que por su carácter pronunciable se han incorporado al léxico general como nombres comunes o propios, se someten como cualquier otra palabra, a las reglas de acentuación gráfica; por lo tanto, llevarán tilde cuando les corresponda, tanto si se escriben en minúsculas como si aparecen enteramente en mayúsculas: Intermón, INTERMN, módem, MDEM, euríbor, EURBOR. Como es natural, al haber abandonado su condición original de siglas, se regirán por las normas generales de uso de mayúsculas y minúsculas, es decir, solo se escribirán enteramente en mayúsculas por las mismas razones que el resto de palabras..

In 2001, Ms. Pager sent pairs of black men and white men to apply for low wage jobs at 350 businesses in the Milwaukee area. She picked sets of men who looked alike and were comparably well spoken and she gave them similar résumés education, employment history except that one member of each pair was told to claim that he had served 18 months in prison for a felony drug conviction..